lunes, mayo 31, 2004

Search Engine Ability to Mimic B-to-B Content and Ad Model Cited

By Jon Fine

The latest players to see a fearsome competitor lurking behind Google's meteoric rise are publishers of tightly targeted magazines.

Earlier this month at the annual conference of business-to-business group American Business Media, Pat Kenealy, CEO of tech publisher IDG, warned attendees about a foe he believed was underestimated. Google, he noted, could notch $2 billion in advertising this year -- some analysts found this low -- and said that tech-related advertising made up around 10% of that total.

Killer ad app
The killer advertising app for Google -- as well as its search competitors like Yahoo! -- is its AdWords service, which allows marketers to buy paid-link placement next to searches conducted around keywords they identify. Marketers use AdWords to reach consumers with tightly targeted messages as consumers seek tightly targeted information, which is a decent thumbnail description of business-to-business publishing's model.

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