domingo, mayo 02, 2004

Has Anyone Made a Product Placement in a Novel?
by B.L. Ochman

The latest author to get paid for product placement in a novel is British chick-lit writer Carole Matthews The author changed the heroine's car in her book "The Sweetest Taboo" to a Ford Fiesta instead of the Volkswagen Beetle she'd originally penned, when she received Ford sponsorship.

Besides appearing in "The Sweetest Taboo," the Ford Fiesta stars in a selection of short stories on the Ford UK Website It's an ambitious, fun promotion that weaves the car in cleverly to appeal to the author and the car's 25 year-old demographic.

Note to advertisers: I'm available to be sponsored to write a book in which the main character drives a Porsche, uses a Canon Digital Rebel with several lenses, and vacations at Canyon Ranch.

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