jueves, mayo 20, 2004

How to Write a White Paper – A White Paper on White Papers
By Michael A. Stelzner

This paper's objective is to guide you in the process of developing effective white papers and persuasive business documents.

What is a White Paper?
The term white paper is an offshoot of the term white book, which is an official publication of a national government. A famous white paper example is the Winston Churchill White Paper of 1922, which addressed political conflict in Palestine.

A white paper typically argues a specific position or solution to a problem. Although white papers take their roots in governmental policy, they have become a common tool used to introduce technology innovations and products. A typical search engine query on "white paper" will return millions of results, with many focused on technology-related issues.

White papers are powerful marketing tools used to help key decision-makers and influencers justify implementing solutions. For some examples of white papers used in the technology marketplace, click here.

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