miércoles, mayo 12, 2004

Moblogging Will Revolutionize PR
by Steve Rubel, Vice President of CooperKatz & Company

As I sit on a train using my BlackBerry I cannot help but think about the potential impact Moblogging - or blogging via wireless devices - will have on the PR practice.

Moblogging is already turning thousands of young, tech savvy folks into amateur, personal journalists... especially those lucky enough to own camera phones. Perhaps more than any other technology, Moblogging has the power to revolutionize PR.

First, as these devices become more sophisticated, news will travel faster. Voyeurs who spot celebrities in less than flattering situations will thrill in the chance to break the news online before the pros do.

Second, it will give PR people the chance to respond to a crisis more quickly than ever before. Imagine if I could calm a negative story via a single blog post from anywhere in the world, no matter when news breaks.

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