lunes, mayo 17, 2004

Daily TV Marketplace - Eurovision steals the show
by Kevin May.

Cheesy pop, shocking outfits and dodgy block voting – it can only be Eurovision Song Contest, though 8 million viewers were still hooked on Saturday as the Ukrainians stole the show.

The annual music festival, hosted by Turkey but dubbed with hilarious one-liners by UK voiceover man Terry Wogan, clinched an average share of 41.5% for the three-hour show on BBC One.

Up to 11 million viewers tuned in towards end of the programme as the former Soviet state of the Ukraine eclipsed challenges from Serbia and Montenegro, Greece, Turkey and Cyprus.

Saturday night favourites on ITV1, Who Wants to be a Millionaire (8pm, 5.7 million) and Stars in their Eyes (9.15pm, 5 million), had to make way with lower than normal figures.

The final edition of The Premiership, featuring the “immortal” Championship-winning side Arsenal, only managed to bring in 2.9 million viewers at 10.45pm for its 90 minute end-of-season special.

With the evening dominated by the so-called singing talents of the UK’s continental cousins, other channels had to rely on a mixture of movies and detective drama.

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