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Program: Draft as of June 29th

MONDAY 12 JULY – PR in the Age of Participatory Journalism
Steve Rubel (Micro-Persuasion) interviewing Jay Rosen, Chair, NYU Department of Journalism, author of the Pressthink weblog
Trevor Cook (Corporate Engagement)
Ryan May, Minnesota Public Relations Blog
Dan Forbush (ProfNet, Media Insider) - Blogs, Wikis and Expert Networks: A Discussion with Ross Mayfield, Socialtext

TUESDAY 13 JULY – Corporate Blogging
Jeremy Wright (Ensight)
Trudy Schuett (WOLves) - How Business, Governments and Non-profits can use blogs to communicate with the public
Roland Tanglao (Streamline)
Hans Kullin (Media Culpa)
Todd Sattersten (A Penny For... and 800-CEO-READ Blog)
Wayne Hurlbert (Blog Business World)
John Mudd (Inside Real Estate Journal) - How blogs can increase your sales, help you influence the news and make you an overnight expert in your field
Philip Young (Mediations) – Ethics in PR
Trevor Cook (Corporate Engagement) will interview Robert Scoble on corporate blogging
John Cass (PR Communications) CorporateBloggingSurvey
Anita Campbell (Small Business Trends) - Case Study: using a blog as a tool to spot trends and forecast market behavior.

WEDNESDAY 14 JULY – Making PR Work: Creativity and Strategy
Elizabeth Albrycht (CorporatePR) – Corporate PR – Pragmatic PR strategies for community building
Alice Marshall (Technoflak)
Media relations issues – including pitching small businesses stories to editors
Interview with Bradley Peniston, editor of Defense News
Bernard Goldbach (Irish Eyes) – Promoting client messages through blogs
Mike Manuel (Media Guerrilla) – Micro media measurement
Angelo Fernando (Hoi Polloi) – Impact of blogs on PR and Marketing Communications --How the language and tactics of marketing evolve into formats that are more down-to-earth and personal, with shorter response times.
Anthony V Parcero, (eKetchum Digital Media Group) - Developing interactive PR strategies
B.L. Ochman (What's Next Blog) - Examples of smart blog use in PR and marketing campaigns and sites that cry out for blogs
Octavio Rojas - Las posibilidades de la blogósfera para las RRPP en los países hispanoparlantes/ Possibilities of the blogosphere for the PR industry in the Spanish-speaking countries

THURSDAY 15 JULY – Crisis Management
Jim Horton (Online PR)
Kevin Dugan (Strategic PR) – On the Martha Stewart case
Colin McKay (Canuckflack)
Steve Rubel (Micro-Persuasion) interviewing Dan Gillmor of the San Jose Mercury News and author of the forthcoming book We the Media
John Cass (PR Communications) Book Review: Gerald Baron's "Now is too late"

FRIDAY 16 JULY – The State of the PR Profession
Richard Bailey (PR Studies)
Robb Hecht (PR Machine)
Tom Murphy (PR Opinions)
Montag (World of Spin) - PR needs a crisis communication plan
Constantin Basturea (PR meets the WWW)
B.L. Ochman (What's Next Blog ) -- The PR Lessons of Bit*hing About Blogging
Matias Fernandez (Comunidad Relaciones Públicas Argentina ) - Public Relations: our role of facilitating the learning process inside the organizations - Relaciones Públicas: nuestro rol de facilitar procesos de aprendizaje en las organizaciones. (english - spanish)


If you want to participate, just add your name and a link to your website (or leave an e-mail address). Feel free to propose new topics.

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