sábado, julio 10, 2004


I know this is an online event about blogs and PR, but I am so happy... otherwise I won't dare to write this post, but it is official now: I will publish my first book on PR!

I've just met my editor and he was so enthusiastic with the project!

Since I am sharing with you guys this fantastic event (I feel so honoured to do so, because I've been reading your posts for months and I know how great professionals all of you are) I would like to ask you a favor, an easy one.

Would you provide me a list of your favourite PR books? I know I could have a bunch of them via Amazon or on some other online lilbraries, but I will feel more comfortable if great PR pros could recommend me what they think are the best PR books available.

Unfortunately, there are only a few PR books written in Spanish and they are too theoretical (this is why I am writing mine based on real life experiences), and I think that it is a good idea to revise some bibliography in English.

My book will be realeased in Spanish.

You could post a comment with your recommendations or answer me via email.

My essay will be available on Wednesday, see you then!

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