jueves, julio 01, 2004



Elizabeth Albrycht has a somewhat radical idea for one way we could use the New PR wiki after Global PR Blog Week. She would like to propose the first ever Open Source PR project, where we invite a willing organization to conduct a totally open PR/marketing campaign with the help of the PR community at large.

Here’s how it would work

We invite interested organizations to post reasons why they would like to participate in such a project. We should have some guidelines, like:

* Will be announcing company, new product or service within 3-6 months
* I’d like to encourage an emerging tech company since that is where most of our collective expertise lies.
* Alternatively, this might be great for a non-profit or an association.
* The company shouldn’t be public, as there are too many SEC issues about this type of work, and I don’t think we want to deal with that at this point.
* The company has to be totally willing to do everything publicly. No private emails, no secrets.
* Everything is attributed. No anonymity.

The New PR community would not charge for this project, except for expenses, although we’d welcome donations.

We then vote on which organization we want to “Adopt”.


Everything…every step of the process takes place on the wiki. No secrets. No NDAs.

Everyone is welcome to participate.

We will do all of the traditional things – creating websites, datasheets, press releases, databases, editorial calendars, etc. etc. etc. – everything that is required. We do all planning, editing, etc. on the wiki.

We coordinate via the wiki to do media relations and analyst relations. We invite the media and analysts to participate as well via the wiki.

We chronicle our experiences on our own blogs. We encourage the company executive(s) to do the same on his or her own blog.


At the end, we produce a research paper/case study for a leading communications magazine. It is written via the wiki.

I think this will be an absolutely fascinating experiment on how openness can create brand.

So, what do you think? Am I crazy? Will we find an organization willing to do this? Do you think this is valuable? Will you participate?

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