lunes, junio 28, 2004

Web Marketers Get Personal

In the 2002 movie "Minority Report," the character played by Tom Cruise, John Anderton, darted through a city in which electronic billboard advertisements spoke to him by name.

The next wave of Internet advertising could make John Andertons of us all.

Starting next week, a handful of marketers in the United States will begin sending customized ads to Internet users who land on, Lycos and, among other Web sites. So, instead of seeing a random advertisement for the Audio Book Club or the e-travel agencies Orbitz and Priceline, you might see ads addressing you by name, mentioning some of your past purchases at the site and urging you to return.

(The idea sounds spookier than it is. Only those who have agreed to receive electronic messages from companies they have done business with will see the ads.)

Artículo completo en New York Times.
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