martes, junio 29, 2004

Jumpstart your PR blogging program

At last count there were 30 or so PR-focused blogs. Most are well written, informative and rich with insightful musings on how the blogosphere is changing the rules of the PR game.

But practical, how-to advice for novices seeking to incorporate this new channel into their PR practices is infrequent and hard to find. To help fill that vacuum, here are five quick and simple ways newcomers can jumpstart their blogging repertoire in their daily PR programs.

1) News release “color commentary”

Sure, you can get pretty creative with news releases, but you’re still hamstrung by the journalistic who-what-where-etc. parameters of hard news. Subjective assessments of, say, a new product’s virtues or the significance of a new customer win are typically relegated to stilted executive quotes that no one reads.

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