sábado, junio 05, 2004

Saying no to customer may be inevitable
By Joyce M. Rosenberg,

Saying "no" to a customer or client can be one of the hardest things small business owners do, especially when they're first starting out and don't want to lose a single prospect.

But disappointing one customer or another at some point is probably inevitable. Many owners look upon it as part of managing expectations, a critical part of being in business.

Saying no, or lowering a customer's expectations, is better than trying to do the impossible and failing, and quite possibly losing that customer or client forever. You might also end up with that disappointed customer telling other people about their bad experience working with you.

"Do you want to make the quick buck or build it for the long term?" is the question Lloyd Trufelman, president of Trylon Communications, a New York-based public relations firm, poses to business owners.

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