sábado, junio 19, 2004

New domain made for business pros
.pro domain provides encryption security, authentication for eligible companies

by Richard Karpinski

Doctors, lawyers and accountants this month can begin using a new "top-level domain" called .pro that promises to offer them—for a price—a more professional online home than today’s ubiquitous .com Web addresses.

New domains aren’t new. Companies today can replace their "dot-com" addresses with alternatives, including .biz, .info, .TV and more than 40 others. However, .pro—offered by RegistryPro.com and its registrar partners—delivers a few new twists that should appeal to b-to-b marketers.

Most significant, companies requesting a .pro domain must verify their eligibility by proving their membership in industry associations or licensing organizations. That added level of authentication is important for professionals who want to demonstrate their proficiency to potential customers.

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