viernes, junio 04, 2004

The End of 20th Century Journalism
OhmyNews CEO addresses the 2004 World Association of Newspapers

OhmyNews Founder and CEO Oh Yeon Ho addressed the 2004 World Association of Newspapers Conference in Istanbul, Turkey, on May 31. About 300 delegates from around the globe were on-hand to hear how OhmyNews is transforming the face of journalism with its citizen reporter model. The following is the text of his speech.

We chose that moment to say goodbye to 20th century journalism and to create a new 21st century journalism.

20th century journalism is one-way. Professional reporters write, and readers read.

The traditional newspaper inherently has two limits: time and space. That's why only professional journalists can write articles for the papers.

But Internet media can overcome these two barriers. In some ways, the Internet also has time and space limits, but in others the Internet has no time and space limits. That's why a citizen reporter can participate in the news reporting.

By means of the Internet, OhmyNews created a two-way journalism. The readers are no longer passive. They can be reporters anytime they want.

The main concept of OhmyNews is "Every citizen is a reporter." Journalists aren't some exotic species, they're everyone who has news stories and shares them with others.

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