sábado, junio 12, 2004

Blog Relations... when the journalist bites back

Public Relations people need to be professional and ethical... that's not exactly a news flash....

I always counsel people to approach bloggers with care. When you mess up with a journalist you're unlikely to see it in print. After all they probably wouldn't have the time to detail the number of poor interactions they have with PR people every day.

Messing up with a blogger however, can often get you (and your client) published for all the wrong reasons.

Of course the rise of journalists maintaining personal blogs means that poor media relations may soon have a similar consequence.

Simone Paddock is a freelance journalist who was treated badly to say the least and she's detailed the episode on her blog.

PR practice is becoming more transparent every day. You need to make sure that the colleagues dealing with external audiences are well trained, professional and good with people!

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