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Global PR Blog Week - Day 3

Blogs and Recruiting: How one recruiter is look at blogging and PR bloggers for job placement
By Lindsay Olson, Paradigm Staffing. Quote of the day:
Recently, while speaking with another recruiter, an interesting issue came up. She noted that we are going to begin seeing more and more resumes with people's blog addresses, highlighting that they understand and participate in blogs. This is an interesting point. Public relations is about working with the public, and blogs are a growing part of that public. Public relations is about identifying influencers, and increasingly those influencers are bloggers. Public relations is about working with the media, and blogs are a part of the new media.

But, what the other recruiter was missing is that blogs tend to be written in a conversational tone, and that tone might not showcase writing abilities. We are all judged by what a potential employer can find via Google, and blogs usually come up higher in search results.

Also, a blog might showcase a potential employee’s inability to think strategically or tactically, or a lack of maturity which might be brought to the job. By writing a blog, a person might be showing more than they realize, and this is something of great import to think about.

Do I recommend that candidates know about blogs? Yes. With more and more agencies asking for blog experience, it is a great idea. First, do I vet the blogs of potential candidates, to make sure that there is nothing that is a potential harm to the candidate – and, in extension, my agency? Yes, of course I do, and I know that my clients are going to do the same thing.
Pragmatic Public Relations
By Tom Murphy, Microsoft Ireland

Blogs and press releases
By Shel Holtz, Holtz Communication + Technology

Goodbye Bounded Entity! How Employee Blogging Transcends and Alters Organisational Boundaries
By Jon Froda and Jesper Bindslev, Copenhagen Business School

RSS, Online PR and Brand Perception
By Sally Falkow, Expansion Plus Inc.

The Program for Wednesday, September 21, 2005
PR bloggers for job placement – the pros and cons of blogging while searching for employment

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Customer Generated Marketing
Joël Céré - Consumer Generated: from Mayhem to Marketing. Why WOM is back on marketers' agenda and how to make it work for their brands.

Kevin Dugan - Consumer Generated Marketing: The Customer is always right

Transparency & Ethics
Elizabeth Albrycht - Is transparency the key to improving PR's reputation?

Anthony V Parcero - Transparency & ethics, a blogger's view from the outside

Philip Young - Why ethical PR bloggers can’t tell the truth

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