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20 Creative Uses for Podcasts

An excellent post from Kevin Dugan, Strategic Public Relations.
When you have a good post, leave it as it is for your readers:
1. Airlines: Travel and destination guides
2. Apparel/Retail: Behind the scenes at fashion shows, interviews with models and designers, guide to the season
3. Automotive: Test drives of new models with team drivers, interviews with designers, race reports from behind the scenes-NASCAR, F1, rally
4. Beverage Stores: Festive reviews of selected wines, spirits and beers
5. Books/Music Retail: Guides to summer or Christmas releases, interviews with bands and authors, sample readings from authors to promote an in-store appearance
6. Financial Services: Retirement guides, investing tips, planning for college education
7. Golf Equipment: Guides to courses, interviews with sponsored athletes
8. Grocery Stores: Interviews and recipes from well-known chefs
9. Health Insurers: Wellness tips, meditation guides, nutrition guides
10. Home Improvement Stores: Step-by-step guides to home improvement
11. Hotels: Destination guides, jogging routes, music to jog to, walking tours of cities
12. Micro-Brews: Interviews with the brew master
13. Movie Studios: Interviews with actors or directors, movie making production diaries
14. Sportswear: Interviews with sponsored athletes, event diaries (Olympics, World Cup), and interviews with designers, fitness and training tips
15. Travel and Tourism: Guides to destinations, travel tips
16. Vineyards: Interviews with wine-makers
17. Whisky Makers: Interviews with the makers, tours of the distilleries
18. Video Games: Interviews with game designers, production diaries
19. Higher Education: Get your students your lectures in podcast (this is mine!).
20. Investor Relations: Consider how many earnings webcasts are out there. Consider how much more cost-effective a podcast can be. A podcast also gives the listener several options on how/when/where they listen to it.

Some real examples of podcasts:
* News: CBS, CNN, Dow Jones Marketwatch, MSNBC, PBS, Slate, Wall Street Journal
* TV: Fox Entertainment, Showtime, Ebert & Roeper
* Sports: Major League Baseball, Lance Armstrong
* Arts: Museum of Modern Art (Sorry Shel, once Jobs calls it a podcast, it’s a podcast)
* Government: The White House, House Democrats, Senate Republicans
* Corporate: Cisco, Purina

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