lunes, septiembre 19, 2005

Global PR BLOG WEEK 2.0 - Day One

The Freakonomics Blog - PR Machine Interview
By Robb Hecht, IMC Strategies

Interacting with Customers through Corporate Blogging
By John Cass, Backbone Media, Inc.

Why CEOs Shouldn’t Blog
By Dave Taylor, Intuitive Systems, Inc.

Adding Your Voice to the Conversation. Why CEOs Should Blog
By Jeneane D. Sessum, The Content Factor

Growing a PR blog in a different language
By Italo Vignoli, Quorum PR

Surprising Partners: Adding Blogs to an Existing Non-Profit Community
by Nancy White (Full Circle Associates) and Lee LeFever (Common Craft)

Blogging for our brand: Building a business blogging community for Hill & Knowlton
By Niall Cook, Netcoms, Hill & Knowlton

Blogs: Foundational Tools for Network Building
By Elizabeth Albrycht, Blogging Planet

Small company? Better blog!
by Ryan May, BAE Systems - Quote of the day
I believe small companies that decide to blog will find that blogs unleash an untapped market segment. Blogs create relationships with visitors by interacting with them.

Also, by blogging small companies begin to establish themselves as leaders in the industry, because they have a greater web presence. Something often miss about blogs is that they typically get better placement within Google and other search engines, because of the number of sites they link to and that link back to them.

This develops online notoriety. Depending on the quality and frequency of the posts, ABC Co. will show it has its finger on the pulse of its industry, thereby gaining credibility.

If you run a developing company, it is time to ask yourself this question, “will your company blog or not?” In my opinion if you’re a small company, you better blog!
Dave Taylor - Fake blogs: New marketing channel or really bad idea?

Matias Fernandez Dutto - How to designing powerful conversations that open possibilities for action and colaboration with blogs

Jeff Hardison: Opening a product’s hood through blogs - Podcast interview with Jud Branam, Hass MS&L, PR counselor behind GM’s FastLane product blog

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