jueves, septiembre 22, 2005

Global PR Blog Week 2.0. Day 4

Medios de comunicación y periodismo participativo: La situación en España
Por Octavio Rojas, Weber Shandwick Ibérica

Mainstream media and citizen journalism - The situation in Spain By Octavio Rojas, Weber Shandwick Ibérica
EDITORS' CHOICE - Let me quote myself today:
Citizen journalism in Spain organizes itself in an intermittent and decentralized way, without commitments nor apparent rules. There are not experiences like Ohmynews or Bayosphere.

The most similar case in Spain is Vilaweb, which offers local information of Catalonia and Balearics Islands, communities in which Catalan -one of the official languages of Spain- is the common language.

The fact of having its contents in Catalan not only define its public, but also restricts its scope and won’t allow it to turn into a national media (though it is not its aim).

Interview with Rüdiger Lentz, Washington Bureau Chief of Deutsche Welle, and Holger Hank, DW-World Editorial Director
by Alice Marshall, Presto Vivace, Inc.

Interview with Ann L. McDaniel, Vice President, The Washington Post Company
By Alice Marshall, Presto Vivace, Inc.

Group Interviews with PR Educators - Podcast
By Robert French, Auburn University

Will blogs bring citizens closer to the European Union?
By Jorge Camara, Dubai Development and Investment Authority | The PR Inquisitor

7 Tips for Deploying an Online Communication Program
By Matthew Podboy and Timothy Johnson, Voce Communications

Weblogs in PR education: a German case study
By Dr. Thomas Pleil, Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

Niall Cook - Practising what you preach: does it really matter?

Mark Rose - Blogging & PR Firms: Resistance, Challenges, Opportunities. Richard Edelman (CEO, Edelman Worldwide), Jim Horton (Robert Marston Associates), and Rob Key (Converseon) in round robin Q&A

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