viernes, septiembre 23, 2005

Global PR Blog Week 2.0. Day 5

Easter Seals & Camping case study - Implementing blogs to engage donors, parents and consumers (campers)
By Robert French | infOpinions?, MarcomBlog, and

PR Bloggers: Are we all just full of shit?
By Peter Shankman | PR. Differently

Why I Take the Time to Blog
By Peter Himler, Flatiron Communications, LLC

The complexities of government blogging in a dynamic policy environment
By Colin McKay

Blog Policy: Perils, Pitfalls and Issues to Consider When Starting a Corporate Blog
By Trevor Jonas, Bite Communications. Quote of the day:
I know a lot of the early adopters view policies and corporate adoption as the beginning of the end for blogging. To me, it's simply the natural evolution of a really cool, powerful technology. There are countless stories about companies that have launched corporate blogs and have been much better off for doing so. For one, blogs provide the ability to show the outside world the true 'personality' of a corporation. They also provide customers with another avenue through which to provide feedback, both good and bad.
Group Interviews with PR Educators - Part Two
By Robert French, Auburn University

The Program for Friday, September 23, 2005
Customer Generated Marketing
Kevin Dugan - Consumer Generated Marketing: The Customer is always right

Blog relations - pitching bloggers; engaging bloggers; blogging in a crisis
Tim Fischer - Managing Blog Relations: Strategic Steps for PR with Weblogs

Alice Marshall - Developer and software process blogs: How blogging is shaping the technology debate

Michael Terpin - Crisis blogging: Risks, rewards and the rapidly changing world of best practices

Non-profit - blogging for non-profit orgs
Josh Hallett - Blogs for Events - blogs offer a cost-effective solution for non-profits to promote, cover, discuss and wrap-up events.

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