martes, septiembre 20, 2005

Global PR Blog Week - Day 2

Beyond the press release: Building thought leadership through original programming podcasts
By Eric Schwartzman, Schwartzman & Associates, Inc.

Rationalizing a business podcast
By Shel Holtz, Holtz Communication + Technology

The Influence of Voice: Podcasting Within the Organization
By Neville Hobson. Quote of the day:
What’s possible with podcasts:
Employee Engagement: A weekly 15-minute business update for employees delivered by the CEO or president; employees worldwide subscribe to the podcast via the company intranet or directly from the CEO’s blog.
General news of interest to everyone: The HR department produces a monthly 30-minute podcast that is a round-up of news and information on issues of interest and relevance to every employee including, for example, news about changes in employee health benefits, updates on training courses, expansion at the factory in a particular city, and a summary of company-wide job openings and where to get more information; the podcast is made available for subscription from the HR site on the company intranet and is referenced in the internal company magazine or newsletter.
Training and Education: A series of short 5-minute podcasts produced by the marketing department on key aspects about a new product that’s being launched, to help employees understand the features and benefits of that new product; the podcast series supports and complements other communication channels. Depending on communication objectives and specific content, the series could also be used in external communication.
Skills-Sharing and Team Building: The sales director records an occasional 10-minute podcast for her geographically-dispersed sales team with tips and tricks on, say, how to close deals with certain types of customers; her podcast is available from the sales intranet as a complement to formal sales materials and as one of the means through which she builds a sense of community and engagement with her team.

Business Podcasting: Interviews with executives using podcasting to reach new audiences
By Chris Bechtel, iPressroom

Dee Rambeau & Chris Bechtel - Best practices in online Media Relations: Utilizing internet newsrooms and RSS to deliver on strategic communications objectives

Todd Defren - PR as profit center: Truth or fiction?

Wayne Hurlbert - Blog SEO: Beyond counting links

Dan Forbush - When creating a wiki, know your purpose

Mike Manuel - Putting wikis to work for your PR program

Giovanni Rodriguez - Groupbytes: digital/social rules for the post-Google economy

Bob Wyman - The power of prospective search

Bob Wyman - Blogs & prospective search technology for corporate reputation management

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