sábado, febrero 19, 2005

John Kay will offer a conference in Zaragoza, Spain

Jesús Llaría, Fundación Ecología y Desarrollo, invited me again to attend to one of the series of conferences "Tomorrow' company".

The next conference will be by John Kay, one of Britain's leading economists. His interests focus on the relationships between economics and business.

Kay will be in Zaragoza this February 24th, from 19:00 h. to 21:30 h. More information here.

Kay sent the following questions to begin with the discussion.

1.. Is there a cost to companies of meeting their corporate social responsibility? If so, what costs is it reasonable to ask corporations to bear?
2.. Who defines the corporate social responsibility of companies, and to whom are they responsible for discharging these responsibilities?
3.. Can companies successfully pursue multiple objectives? Is the existence of different layers and types of accountability consistent with efficient management?
4.. What is the proper political role of companies? Is it legitimate for them to lobby for, or against, measures to deal with climate change, or the establishment of a single European currency? Should these positions be based on their perception of their corporate interest, or their perception of social welfare more broadly? And if the latter, what is the process by which a corporation decides what its perception of the public interest is?
5.. Is global regulation necessary to deal with global companies? And what are the mechanisms by which such global regulation can be devised, and implemented?

Sounds interesting.

I will try to attend.

Thanks, Jesús.
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