lunes, agosto 22, 2005

Sean Penn en Irán

El San Francisco Chronicle publica desde hoy la primera entrega de los 5 artículos que preparó el oscarizado actor norteamericano Sean Penn durante una visita que realizó a Irán una semana antes de las elecciones presidenciales que confirmaron a Bush Jr. en el cargo. Es una excelente oportunidad para asomarnos a la mente y el corazón de uno de las celebridades más comprometidas y provocadoras de los EEUU de la "autocensura patriótica".

Aquí un extracto:
It's the week preceding presidential elections. Candidates attack one another's credibility. Activists push to boycott the vote. Traffic and pollution choke the cities. Leftists support a no-win idealist. Preachers guide their flocks toward political starboard. The media have fallen under the grip of standing power, and should they defy it, they're imprisoned. University students promote human rights, while fundamentalists deny them. It is a culture in love with cinema. With Brad Pitt. Angelina Jolie. And anything Steven Spielberg. It is a nation of nuclear power, where the lobbies of the religious right effectively blur the lines between church and state. But it is also a country of good and hospitable people. And when the local team wins a big match, there is dancing, kissing, drinking and drugs in the streets. Women are graduating the campuses in higher and higher numbers, occupying government in higher and higher numbers. Sound familiar? But wait. The women. Look at the women. All is not well. I'm thinking about the women. This is Iran.

La primera entrega se puede leer completa aquí.

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