viernes, agosto 19, 2005

Blog Business Summit, las presentaciones

Se está celebrando en San Francisco, California, el Blog Business Summit.
Entre los participantes están el inefable Robert Scoble, Evelyn Rodriguez, Darren Barefoot, Paul Scrivens, Anil Dash, Debbie Weil, Rebecca Blood y un largo y distinguido etcétera.

Se han tratado temas de lo más variopinto:
Staying on Top of the Buzz: Blog Monitoring Tools and Techniques — 1 & 2
Good blog design: Speed, accessibility, transparency, clarity
Building traffic: Posting Isn’t Enough
Blogs That Sell: Creating Content That Drives
Advertising income: Incorporating HTML and RSS ads into your content
Buzz Marketing: Using Blogs, Forums, Conversations and Community to Build Brands and Traffic
Maximizing Advertising Revenue: Content and Promotional Techniques
Dealing with Bloggers: Partnering and Defense Strategies
Keynote: Why Microsoft is Betting Big on Bloggers and RSS
Picking a platform: Blogging engines compared
Writing for blogs (weblog writing strategy)
Building a blog network
When Worlds Collide: Traditional Public Relations and the Blogosphere —1 & 2 Measuring Success: Setting Goals and Establishing Metrics
Lessons Learned and Best Practices: the GM and Intuit experience
Corporate Blogging: Strategy and Policy

Estas presentaciones se pueden descargar aquí.

Aprovechar para echarles un vistazo este fin de semana.

Es material de primera calidad.

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