sábado, agosto 06, 2005

Hill & Knowlton blogs

HK is encouraging its employees to blog.

They are willing to be open, and so they want potential bloggers to know what they can experience by having a blog:
Writing a successful weblog is a time-consuming affair, but an extremely rewarding one. You will 'meet' people and colleagues you never knew existed, experience different viewpoints (many of which you may disagree with), and receive praise and criticism.

If you choose to blog on your own behalf that is entirely up to you and there are some guidelines to help you. However if you're going to blog for the Hill & Knowlton brand you will be accountable for what you produce on the firm's behalf, so you need to be sure that you're prepared.

In any case, they want potential bloggers that since is an agency based blog, they will have to:
"agree to the code of practice we expect all our bloggers to follow".

What if... What if an employee want to blog but not in HK blog platform?
This is an interesting issue. Maybe those who want to be outside of it prefer to keep his freedom and don't want to face a code of practice whatsoever.

Via Micropersuasion.
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