sábado, mayo 07, 2005

Scobleizer: Comment policy

Someone claimed I deleted some comments. I did not. I don't delete comments. Even very distasteful ones. Even ones who call me an idiot. Even ones that say discriminatory things.

Why not? Because I believe strongly in freedom of speech. Even speech I might hate. It takes a thick skin. Yes, I have provided a soap box for people to say some distasteful things. Yes, most corporate types don't agree that I should give people such a soap box (I know most other corporate webloggers delete comments).

But, I think it's important to hear from everyone, not just those I like.


Is there ever a time I would delete comments? Yes, if something illegal was being done. How about pornographic/offensive material? I wouldn't delete it. If you're sensitive to such things, just don't read comments. How about racist or discriminatory postings? I won't delete it. There's some such statements in my comments tonight.

This is a true marketplace of ideas and there are some ideas here that are the metaphorical equivilent of rotting mushrooms. Be careful out there.

Complete post here.

My take: I will erase comments when they are offensive, not to me, Octavio, but for the people who read my blog. Fortunately, I haven't been in that position before.

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