sábado, mayo 21, 2005

El último post: Un bloguero asesinado

Anyway today has been weird, at 3 some guy ringed the bell. I went down and recognized it was my sister's former boyfriend. He told me he wants to get his fishing poles back. I told him to wait downstair while I get them for him. While I was searching them, he is already in the house. He is still here right now, smoking, walking all around the house with his shoes on which btw I just washed the floor 2 days ago! Hopefully he will leave soon, oh yeah working on the jap report as we speak!

Estas fueron las últimas palabras que escribió en su blog Sek Man Ng, un estudiante norteamericano que fue asesinado junto a su hermana por el ex-novio de ésta.

Gracias a este post, la policía pudo capturar al asesino.

Vía Doc Searls.
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