jueves, mayo 19, 2005

2005 PR Opinions Survey Results Released

Tom Murphy from PR Opinions informed me about the launch of the second annual PR Opinions survey report.

There were 122 respondents to this year's survey, an increase of over 100% on last year's effort.
Mostly Americans, but European practitioners (like myself) and from other regions also participated.

Some of the more interesting findings:
The number one trend for Public Relations is the growth in direct communication.
According to respondents the perception of PR is getting worse and only 12% believe that the practice of PR is to a high standard.
The number one issue that's adversely effecting PR's image is the behavior of rogue practitioners.
The vast majority of the sample believe that the Internet is having a positive effect on PR and that it has improved their relationships with the media - however 43% believe that the Internet is making PR harder.
96% of participants believe that there are great opportunities for Public Relations moving forward.
86% believe that media relations continues to be a key PR activity but 66% believe that PR is about more than media relations.

The report is available in pdf format and is available here.

I will post in Spanish tomorrow. (I've been out of the office and just arrived, so this is a quick post).
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