martes, mayo 03, 2005

Madrid: 9th International Conference on Corporate Reputation, Image, Identity, and Competitiveness - May 19–22, 2005

Theme: Reputation Risk: Corporate Accountability and Responsibility

This year's conference theme is chaired by S. Prakash Sethi, President of the International Center for Corporate Accountability and University Distinguished Professor at Baruch College/CUNY. The theme calls attention to the relationship between questions of reputation risk, corporate citizenship, ethical and socially responsible conduct, governance, social accountability, and the preservation of a company's "social license" to operate. In particular, paper and panel sessions address some of the following concerns:

• The long-term reputational risks of ignoring the environmental and sustainability aspects of corporate conduct and their impact on medium to long-term corporate growth and survival.
• The significant shift that has taken place from individual investor to institutional investor who clearly recognize the importance of corporate reputation in the market capitalization of corporate assets.
• Analyses of financial disclosure, risk, corporate accountability and corporate reputation.
• Studies of corporate governance, corporate accountability and corporate reputation.
• Case studies of corporate actions that have adversely affected the environment and sustainability, and their impact on corporate reputation.
• Clariification of the impact of a CEO's public persona on corporate reputation.
• Descriptions of the scope and character of socially responsible actions voluntarily taken by corporations and their impact of corporate reputation.
• The ethical conduct or lack thereof on the part of many companies.
• The development of voluntary codes of conduct and their independent external monitoring and public disclosure as a matter of engendering public trust in corporate pronouncements and actions.
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