jueves, enero 18, 2007

Public Relations: Get ink with your blog with this tips

Painless self promotion by Suzanne Falter-Barns is a d... good blog about doing just that: promoting yourself. Brilliant insights, easy-to-do recommendations... a must read.

Here is an example of what I am saying. Just quick tips on how to get some ink in traditional media if you want to promote your blog on them:
* Don’t pitch yourself … pitch an idea. It’s just like writing a great press release – make it about something genuinely newsworthy to which you and your blog can be tethered lightly
* Think broader than your blog does. You would be reaching hundreds of thousands of readers so keep it very big and loose and general, but within the same theme.
* Make it easy for them. Journalists have no time, remember? So give them a well cooked idea with additional sources. She notes that even The New York Times will run a pitch verbatim if it’s a good one.
* Tailor it to the audience the journalist actually reaches – uh, that would mean do your homework folks. CHECK OUT the publication before you pitch. Most pitches are ignored because they don’t do this.
* When interviewed give snappy quotes that support the journalists point of view if at all possible. Key quotes are the last to be cut.
* Make yourself super available; respond quickly and have lots of ways to be reached.
Similar tips for similar objectives. If you are a PR pro you know what I am mean ;)

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