martes, diciembre 19, 2006

Public Relations: 5 lessons to avoid the dark side of blogging

Rohit Bhargava offers 5 lessons to say no to spin and astroturfing while in the blogosphere:
# Be as transparent as you can.
# Don't be afraid to "admit" you are marketing.
# Understand who your detractors are, and assume they will always hate you.
# Make sure you have supporters that will fight for you.
# Listen, participate and respond.

I really love the "admit you are marketing" lesson. Really, I believe that organizations deserves their space in the blogosphere. Why not? My friend Juan Varela says that if political parties and companies become part of this, everything will change and we will no longer have independence and will be just the same bored people because lack of freedom and criticism.

Nah! I can see his point and share most of his fears, but at the same time think that people is getting more and more empowered with web 2.0 tools and that are new things to happen, new tools to appear, new generations to impact the status quo.

Maybe I am just too naïve.

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