domingo, junio 18, 2006

Public Relations: Digg the new PR

* What: A Digg-like website for PR and Comm news — top stories, debates, interviews, blog postings, podcasts, research, etc.
* Where:
* Why: To identify and promote the most interesting PR-related articles
* Who: You :)
* How:
o go to the site (you’ll find a couple of articles I posted, just to get this started)
o register for a username with your e-mail address
o submit news items (make them count): use this bookmarklet: Share on New PR
o vote on the news stories already posted, and comment on them
o subscribe to the feeds (for all the articles, recent articles, and recent votes)

PR industry has its own Digg. Soon there will be thousands industry focused Diggs...

Thanx, Constantin. You did it again!


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