miércoles, junio 14, 2006

PR never controlled 'everything'

Trevor Cook begin an interesting discussión with Neville Hobson:

NH: The bottom line is that there's a danger that the changing face of communications is pushing PR toward irrelevancy, cautioned panelist Neville Hobson. What PR doesn't seem to get is that they can no long completely control all of the messages nor all of the channels through which the messages are communicated.

TC: C'mon, Nev. This is just telling the newbie audience what it wants to hear. You're playing to their existing prejudices and misconceptions about PR. When has PR ever been able to 'completely control all the messages'? Or control all the channels? Perhaps, if you're talking about totalitarian societies.

What do you think? I agree with Trev, but agree with Nev concern on PR irrelevancy.


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