sábado, febrero 25, 2006

19 Ideas for a Great Podcast

1. Podcasts should be short.
2. Don't take yourself seriously.
3. Be whimsical. (Have fun)
4. Be Chunky.
5. Don't Ramble, Be organized.
6. Cram, cram, cram as much good stuff as you can into the time.
7. Be regular, but only if you've got quality.
8. Get decent audio!
9. Get a buddy.
10. Make that buddy a member of the opposite sex.
11. Have show notes on your blog.
12. If you're doing interviews, don't be Charlie Rose.
13. Don't interview Jason Fried. (Be fresh)
14. Try to be natural.
15. Don't be scared to throw a show away.
16. Do some editing.
17. Use music.
18. Verbally identify your podcast at the start of your podcast.
19. Put an iTunes (at least) and Odeo chicklet with appropriate linkage on your blog to make super easy for me to subscribe.

Via FrogBlog.
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