lunes, enero 30, 2006

Public Relations: Results of the first European Survey on Weblogs in Public Relations and Communications Management

Philip Young sent me the results of this interesting study.

The highlights:
*587 PR professionals from 33 European countries answered the 25 questions
*2/3 of the respondents are familiar with weblogs
*68% either write or read weblogs, but only a third (36%) uses them weekly
*42% of the respondents without a weblog are planning to implement a weblog within a year, but 32% do not plan to implement a weblog

Factors limiting the use of blogs:
*reacting to feedback from the audience, 37,1%
*creating content and ideas for posts, 39,9%
*integrating blogs into communication strategy, 40,6%
*inability to control the communication content, 44,4%

Greatest opportunities for weblogs:
*direct communications (bypassing journalists), 23,3%
*being read and linked to other weblogs, 26,2%
*involving our employees, 29,2%
*utilizing an easy-to-set-up, cheap platform, 30,7%
*being seen to adopt leading edge technology, 33,7%

Download the full survey.

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