miércoles, abril 21, 2004

USA TODAY editor resigns after reporter's misdeeds
By Peter Johnson, USA TODAY

USA TODAY Editor Karen Jurgensen resigned Tuesday, one month after former USA TODAY reporter Jack Kelley was found to have fabricated numerous stories and lifted material from other publications over many years.

In a six-paragraph memo to staffers, Publisher Craig Moon said Jurgensen's "retirement opens the door to move the USA TODAY brand forward under new leadership. A search for a new editor is underway. We will fill the position as soon as possible."

A panel of USA TODAY reporters investigating Kelley's work over the years reported on March 19 that Kelley, a foreign correspondent, fabricated substantial portions of at least eight major stories, lifted nearly two dozen quotes or other material from competing publications and conspired to mislead those investigating his work. Kelley, 43, resigned in January.

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