viernes, abril 16, 2004

Counting What Counts
Lessons learned from the Dean presidential campaign.

by Katie Delahaye Paine

For those of us who were supporting Howard Dean, the day he dropped out was a dark one indeed. But out of the gloom came an incredibly valuable lesson for all of us in PR: All that really matters is outcomes—in Dean's case, votes.

Joe Trippi is arguably one of the best PR machines on the planet. There wasn't a media outlet anywhere in the world that didn't have at least one story on the Dean phenomenon. In Turkey he got more—and far better—ink than Bush (or for that matter Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's own Prime Minister).

Even after Dean lost New Hampshire, he got equal air time with the President on Tim Russert's Meet The Press, and, one might argue, even did a better job communicating his key messages.

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