martes, abril 13, 2004

Aljazeera rejects US accusations

Aljazeera TV has rejected the US military's comments against its coverage of the latest events in Iraq, and considered the accusations as a "threat" to the media.

US Army chief spokesman, Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt, on Monday called Aljazeera, and other Arab media outlets the "anti-coalition media" and advised viewers to "change the channel".

Meanwhile, General John Abizaid, the head of US Central Command, singled out Aljazeera as portraying US military action "as purposely targeting civilians, and we absolutely do not do that, and I think everybody knows that."

"They have not been truthful in their reporting. Haven't been accurate," said Abizaid.

Aljazeera denied the allegations. "Aljazeera rejects these accusations and consider them a threat to the right and the mission of the media outlets to cover the reality of what is happening in Iraq during this tough and complicated field circumstances," said Aljazeera in a statement on Tuesday.

"This is an unjustified pressure against the freedom of the press," added the statement.

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