sábado, abril 17, 2004

Stop teaching people to write press releases: Teach them how to measure instead. For the sake of our profession, we need to turn this situation around.
by K.D. Paine

In this issue, our review of several Miami conference papers will give you a taste of the breadth and scope of ideas in PR research that are bubbling around universities and college campuses across the country. The annual conference includes pretty impressive stuff and is well worth the trip to Miami—and certainly worth reading about here in The Measurement Standard. (Click here to download a large pdf file with the conference schedule and abstracts of all 71 papers presented there.)

The most important lesson that came out of the Miami conference is that PR research and education is a vital component in the success of every PR professional. This was the focus of one of the more intriguing papers presented there: Don Wright's discourse on the state of PR Education. He makes the excellent point that despite the growing popularity of public relations as a field of study and the dramatic increase in the number of PR students currently in school, there is woefully little in the way of formal professional recognition or funding for PR Research.

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