viernes, septiembre 22, 2006

Spaniards embrace new internet technologies - y Olé!!!

New internet technologies, such as RSS feeds, vodcasts, podcasts and music, VOIP (with or without webcam) and weblogs are becoming increasingly popular in Europe, particularly in Southern Europe.

According to market research firm InSites Consulting, Spain is the country that is most open to advancements in internet technology. 29 per cent of Spanish internet users download RSS feeds, 27 per cent create or read a weblog and 19 per cent download vodcasts. In contrast, less than 10 per cent of all European internet users engage in these activities at least once a week.

Steven Van Belleghem of InSites explains, 'Although at first sight it may appear somewhat odd that mainly South European countries exhibit innovative internet behaviour, there is an obvious explanation for this phenomenon. Internet penetration is quite a bit lower in South European countries. Consequently, those Spaniards and Italians that do use the internet often have a more innovative profile than surfers in the north of Europe where just about everyone surfs the net.'

Via Enrique Dans.

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