lunes, diciembre 19, 2005

Richard Edelman on "How to Select a Corporate Blogger"

It may well not be the chief executive officer (present company excepted) and likely not the chief marketing officer. It is more likely a person in the research and development unit or an engineer in the technology or design areas. Whatever job classification, the person or people must be in Suw's words, "passionate, friendly, genuine, interesting, authentic, honest, open."

The primary skill must be an ability to connect in the blogosphere, again to quote Suw, "to talk to people as if you are speaking to each individual one at a time." Suw made a smart suggestion of having prospective corporate bloggers contribute to the corporate intranet before going out to the big world, to make sure they have the stamina, the resilience to take criticism and the tone that appeals over time.

Good insights...

I would ad: detect who is running a blog in your company.
That will help you to ask him or her to take part of the project with a better understanding of what is needed.

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