viernes, junio 01, 2012

Employer Branding: The New Asset of Social Enterprises (II)

túatú - Social Media Employer Branding - 29 Mayo 2012Second post of the Employer Branding Leadership Masterclass

Social Media Strategy

Brett finished his presentation listing seven steps to bear in mind in our Employer Branding social media strategy. We will take into consideration the following: register, listen/monitor the relevant keywords, about your competitors but also what others are saying about your company, build a community, engage and measure. He also recommended a few tools (Radian 6, Tweetdeck, Klout, Social Mention) in order to track keywords and monitor the competence which are very important tasks in social media. Furthermore, he announced modern tendencies of recruiting operations such as Linkedin (+200 million users worldwide) but also through Facebook pages.  

PROSEGUR Case Study: “For Many Reasons”.

Carmen de Andrés, Corporate Recruiting and Training Director represented Prosegur in this event. Prosegur aims at growing a 50% by 2014. This is why they need an Employee Value Proposition development process aligned with a strategic plan of growth. They created a new corporate identity both internally (employees) and externally (customers). Carmen explained Prosegur’s EVP based on big challenges, innovation, and social contribution.

Moreover, they gave us a fantastic culture book of the company. The Employee Value Proposition must reflect why and how do they work at Prosegur. The EVP should develop a series of guidelines considering all the different departments within the company.

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