domingo, julio 23, 2006

VL Asks: Who is the Most Influential Latino 2006?

It's no secret that the importance of Latinos in the U.S. and abroad is growing, as Latinos become trendsetters, decision makers and influencers in all areas, from politics to music to business to style.

VL has set out to ask YOU, our readers, who you think should be named VL's Most Influential Latino (VLMIL) 2006. Here's how it works: VLMIL is a simple poll which lays out 20 Latino movers and shakers who exert a healthy bit of influence in their respective circles. We'll post profiles of the candidates daily shining light on why they are influential. Voting starts now and ends at midnight August 31st. You can choose to vote now, or wait until your candidate's profile is posted and tell us why you voted for them in the comments section of the post.

We hope the debate heats up and that you get voting, but remember, this isn't a popularity contest. You may find names on the list that you don't like -- that's because it's about influence not likeability.

What is influence? Influence defined by us as people shaking things up in their respective field. How far and wide the impact of this person goes. Changing the world for Latinos or the human race at large, for the good or for the bad.

Enough said, let's get voting! And as always, we welcome your comments on this poll and every post we publish.

You decide: Who is the Most Influential Latino 2006? VOTE NOW!

Disclaimer: I'm part of the proud member of Vivirlatino's team.
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