miércoles, julio 19, 2006

Blogging: Darren Rowse's A to Z of Professional Blogging (III)

Haloscan - a free commenting system for blogs (a little dated but I was a tad desperate for a ‘H’

IntelliTXT - In text advertising
Ice Rocket - blog search engine

Jar (as in Tip Jar) - many bloggers ask their readers for donations/tips - but few make much from them

Kanoodle - Advertising program
Kontera - In text advertising
Keyword and Backlink Tracker - Search Engine ranking tool

LiveJournal - Blog Platform
Linkshare - Affiliate Program

Mars Edit - Blog Editing Tool
Memeorandum - Tracking and Aggregating news from blogs
MyBlogLog - Metrics Tool
Mint - Blog Metrics Tool
MovableType - Popular blog platform
MeCommerce - Sidebar shop - in beta
MSN Adcenter - Coming Soon - Contextual ads

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