jueves, mayo 11, 2006

Blogs + Wikis = Bliki

Sam "Social Energy" Rose has just presented a bliki:
A bliki is a wiki in sheep’s clothing.

Bliki is an experiment in modifying wiki in order to make it more attracting to many users. It started with the day-pages, the go-to-bar, xtof’s bliki and the fete-d’internet-wiki css-dressing-up nicely for the party, building the tools-bar, moving edit today’s page to the upper right corner, renaming the wiki-forum to recent day-pages, giving the edit links a little olor, ready was the bliki.

We don’t know yet if it works.

A bliki is a wiki. Fullstop. For the beginning a new brand name bliki sounds cool and works, but you soon realize it’s all just toothpaste. So don’t stress on the dualism wiki/bliki too much.

You can find it here:

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