jueves, mayo 25, 2006

BBC's blog guidlines on employees weblogs and websites


Blogging is a form of public conversation on the internet, in which BBC people may wish to take part.

When a blogger clearly identifies themselves as a BBC person and/or discusses their work, the BBC expects them to behave well when blogging, and in ways that are consistent with the BBC’s Editorial Values and policies.

Many bloggers, particularly in technical areas, use their personal blogs to discuss their BBC work in ways that benefit the BBC, and add to the “industry conversation”. These guidelines are not intended to restrict this, as long as confidential information is not revealed.

Blogs or websites which do not identify the blogger as a BBC employee, do not discuss the BBC and are purely about personal matters would normally fall outside these guidelines.

These guidelines complement the BBC’s Conflict of Interest guidelines.

Editorial Policy can give advice on these Guidelines.

Worth reading the whole guideline.

Thanx, Jem "Common User" Stone.


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