miércoles, noviembre 10, 2004

Se lanza el blog de New Communications Forum

Según los organizadores:
In a world of increasing transparency and competition for attention, blogs, wikis and RSS feeds are quickly becoming crucial tools for your communications toolkit. These new tools have the power to strengthen overall marketing and communications efforts to your customers, journalists and other key audiences. If you are considering starting a corporate blog, want to learn how to maximize your current blog, or more about wikis and RSS newsfeeds, you should attend the New Communications Forum.

New Communications Forum: Blog University will provide you with an in-depth, hands-on exploration of the future of communications. Our instructors are PR professionals, marketers and journalists who have pioneered the use of these new tools and technologies. They will share their in-the-trenches experiences as early adopters of these new communications tools.

El evento se realizará en California, EE.UU., y en París, Francia (en ésta participaré).

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