miércoles, agosto 30, 2006

Public Relations: A-Bloggers interview policy

Jason explains his interview policy and quotes Mark:
I've moved to email only interviews (with rare exceptions where I know the journalist and really trust them), and it's worked out really great for me. Here is an interview with Greg (who I trust), that I did on the subject of email interviews.

I love Mark's quote: "I don't ever cede anything... you either know I have a blog when you interview me, or you are a dumbass. If you ask me not to report our exchange on my blog, which has been done, then I decide if I want that protection or not."

Mark is spot on: how do you interview a blogger and not know and read their blog?! Hello?!

> What are your thoughts on the nature of the interview itself?

I like doing interviews on email, but I don't like doing them on the phone because I get misquoted often.

> Do you own your words, or do you voluntarily give them up in the process of the interview?

By granting the interview I'm giving people permission to use my words, but I still own them and can do what I want with them.

I make a call on a case-by-case basis.

If someone wants to own them exclusively they would need to have me sign a release--like documentary filmmakers do.

Please, read it.

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