martes, diciembre 28, 2004

Un post para anunciar que se ha sobrevivido a una catástrofe

Evelyn Rodríguez una experta en marketing y RRPP ha utilizado su blog para anunciar que ha sobrevivido al terremoto y al tsunami mientras estaba en la isla tailandesa de Phi Phi.

Ella misma narra su experiencia:
We were on a boat tour when the captain dramatically veered off course (we were headed to remote Bamboo Island) and was frantically talking on his cell phone. Their English was very poor so it was not clear what was going on. Long story short, we got on the beach but were too low when the tidal wave struck. It created a flash flood effect and I was in the middle of rapids containing debris, wood and all matter of building material. Ton Sai, the main village and also the pier, are completely leveled is the rumor.

I cut my knee up pretty bad and have trouble walking but nothing broken. I am fine considering the state of most of Phi Phi and the rest of the folks here in Phuket hospital.

Thus, currently nearly penniless, passport-less, travel insurance-less etc. at the moment. But at the hospital everything is free including email access. Unfortunately, the US embassy has not been very helpful in contrast to other embassies and we don't know much logistically in terms of loans, passports, retreiving our stuff, etc. The ambassador to Sweden personally visited all the Swedes (several were on our boat trip).

I appreciate all the concerned emails from readers but I will not be able to respond individually to emails for some time as free access (no money) may be difficult to obtain for a bit. But please be assured I am fine.

La respuesta a su post ha sido impresionante. Todos le desean que pueda volver pronto a los EE.UU. y recuperarse. Ella que puede.

Otra uso para los blogs. ¿Quién lo diría? Un post para anunciar que se ha sobrevivido a una catástrofe.

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