lunes, junio 27, 2005

Public Relations: Blogs and accountants?! Yes!!

Most of the times people think blogs are for people who can write. I mean, people who are used to words (i.e. journalists, writers, et al). Maybe accountants and people who are dealing with numbers (finance) won't be expect to write a blog. Well, they are!

Eva M. Lang wrote Would You, Could You, Should You Blog?, an excellent article about blogging and accountants.

A few examples:
Tankerley's blog
Financial Consulting Group Business Valuation

Why accountants should blog? Eva answers:
Marketing. Blogs provide a low-cost way to reach a desirable market segment—the affluent and well-educated—and woo them as CPA clients.
Knowledge management. CPAs may find value in a blog as a knowledge management tool. Firms can use blogs to help current employees work more efficiently and to get new hires up to speed quickly.

It make sense...
Seems that everybody should blog now.
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