lunes, junio 13, 2005

Europe Blogs this Week on IAOC

Guillaume du Gardier hosts "Blogging Europe" on IAOCblog Week and invited me, Tom Murphy and other European bloggers.

Topics include:
Blogs and journalists: a country-by-country view of how European media are embracing blogs, and who, if anyone is making money blogging
Blogs and politics: how do Europe's political candidates use blogs for their campaigns, and do politicians and government officials treat political bloggers the same as the press
Corporate blogging (external): case studies, who's leading the way, do European companies see blogs as an opportunity or a threat, are any small, nimble companies using blogs or is it only the big multi-national companies
Corporate blogging (internal): do European corporations view internal blogs as a way to make employees more effective or as a waste of time, are internal blogs in multi-national companies being written in English or in the local language
Blogs and brands: Tracking European and global brands in the blogosphere

My first post is here.
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